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Free Time?


In 1986 I was working in Dallas, Texas. I was a rookie salesman (but didn’t realise how rookie at the time). One day I went to the loo, and when I came back my boss was waiting for me. That man taught me a lot, and on that day he taught me that time isn’t …

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Dilution – to be avoided?


Why is it that the earliest investors are penalised the most? After all, they are the ones that enable a business to get off the ground, the ones prepared to take the risk and often to provide support to the management. Later investors are happy to pick up the opportunity yet would not have invested …

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Vince Cable


I had the dubious pleasure of seeing Rt Hon Vince Cable present at Innovate11 today, here are my top tips for him: Being late is not fashionable, it’s disrespectful and you should apologise for it. With over a 1,000 people waiting for 30 minutes to hear you that’s over 500 man hours wasted. Get your …

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