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ConCap is a London based advisory firm specialising in early stage technology companies across a wide range of sectors, with a particular focus on medical technology and software/apps. We provide services ranging from business strategy and commercialisation through to funding raising and investment.

ConCap provides a range of development services for early stage and growth companies. We have extensive start-up and early stage company experience and our clients use us to achieve:

  • a clear and focussed competitive business strategy
  • investor readiness
  • investment advice and fund raising
  • investor relations
  • product sales to boost value and investability

We can help with any, or all of these activities – if you would like to discuss your requirements please email at

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One hour a day

Imagine only having internet access for 1 hour a day. And when you did have access you could only view but not respond, reply, like or send a new message. This is the self-imposed digital exile I have just enforced upon myself for one week. I did it to take a break from work for …

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Bright Future

The future’s bright – hear more @digitaldoughnut #DLUK Trends Briefing

On September 24th I will be presenting at the Digital Leaders Trends Briefings 2015 on the topic of technologies set to impact on business. Ahead of this event I had to reflect on what I have seen recently and what I have learned. In an average week (when do we have one of those?) I …

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Conkers (or acorns if you prefer) and investing in startups

In the early 1970s, British Railways ran excursion trains at weekends for families to get away for the day. For the most part they went to known destinations, but there were also “mystery trains” where you knew the duration of the journey but not the destination. In 1972, my family (Mum, Dad, Sister & I) …

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Grim Fairy Tales – Part VI

This is the final part in a six part set of blogs about “how not to raise money for your start-up”. The grim stories you read here are based on real life events – meetings and conversations I have had over the years, and will no doubt form the basis for my next book. So …

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