ConCap is a London based advisory firm specialising in early stage technology companies across a wide range of sectors, with a particular focus on medical technology and software/apps. We provide services ranging from business strategy and commercialisation through to funding raising and investment.

ConCap provides a range of development services for early stage and growth companies. We have extensive start-up and early stage company experience and our clients use us to achieve:

  • a clear and focussed competitive business strategy
  • investor readiness
  • investment advice and fund raising
  • investor relations
  • product sales to boost value and investability

We can help with any, or all of these activities – if you would like to discuss your requirements please email at info@concap.cc

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Fables 2 - My Little Unicorn

Start-up Fables No. 2: My Little Unicorn

My Little Unicorn By Stuart Hillston   Once upon a time, in a world quite unlike our own, there was a young horse called Bob. Young Bob cared about one thing, and one thing only – Unicorns. When he grew up he just knew he was going to be a Unicorn and so he thought about …

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The Second Most Frequent Question I Get Asked

The second most frequent question I’m asked is “What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?” I’m asked this because I am a mentor. I’m other things too as you will see, including a coach, but this question comes up time and again, and the answers I’ve heard others give have made me …

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Into The Fox’s Lair!®

What a great day in Leicester yesterday! I was invited by the marvellous Edwina Goodwin to be a panel member for Fox’s Lair!® – De Montfort University’s panel format for judging of Year 1 pitches in the Leicester Business School. I attended what was Leicester Poly as a student at the end of the 70s. …

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