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What is your business worth?


After “will you work for free?” the most common question I get asked is “what is my business worth?”. Neither question is framed in those exact words of course, but when someone asks for help on valuation they are asking about the value of their shares, the value of the business and the least equity …

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It’s all about the sales


Every working day I receive business plans and summaries – not one a day, more than that, some days 3 or 4. Most of them are companies seeking funding. Most of them are technology companies of one sort or another. I am careful not to narrow down my definition of technology, because innovation appears in …

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Dilution – to be avoided?


Why is it that the earliest investors are penalised the most? After all, they are the ones that enable a business to get off the ground, the ones prepared to take the risk and often to provide support to the management. Later investors are happy to pick up the opportunity yet would not have invested …

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