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About Constellation Club

Constellation Club is a private networking club based in London.

Membership is free of charge and is by invitation only upon recommendation by a current member.

The club members meet for dinners and casual events approximately 8 times a year. Invitations are sent by email to members directly.

If you are interested in joining you should first read the background information below and then contact Stuart Hillston (either by email, twitter or LinkedIn). Alternatively if you know an existing member you can ask them to recommend you.


The Constellation Club was formed in January 2008 by me (Stuart Hillston). I had attended two networking events in that month – one where I was asked to sign a contract agreeing to pay the host a % of any business I did through the event, and the other where I was asked to wear coloured dots to help members find investors or advisers.

Most of the attendees seemed to be the kind of people I didn’t want to network with and so I started the Constellation Club with a dinner for 20 people at The Firehouse Club in Kensington, London. At that time it had no name – one attendee described it as “such a constellation of stars” and the club had a name.

Although London centric, the club has held events in Southampton, Bristol & Manchester and may well expand. We we don’t charge membership and we don’t have sponsors for the events, although both of these things may change.

Current Club – Dinners

The club members meet for a small dinner around 4-5 times a year. TYpically 20-25 people, with common interests and an interest in meeting and getting to know like-minded folks. The dinners operate under the brand League of Extraordinary Business People which is a tip of the hat to Alan Moore – one of the UK’s greatest graphic novellists, and also a recognition that all of us are extraordinary in our own way.

Current Club – Networking Drinks

Restarted at the end of 2016 after a break of two years, these informal events bring together about 50-60 people in a private room in a bar in London. The mix is eclectic and drawn from my network of 6,000 people. There are, of course, entrepreneurs, mentors, advisors and investors. There are also artists, musicians, authors, explorers, adventurers and fascinating people.

How it Operates

The primary principal by which I want the club to operate is that it is unlike other networking clubs. If you can walk into a room of people and immediately think “I can help these people” without focussing on how much money you will make in the process, you are heading in the right direction. If you find other people, and their “journey”, interesting, can listen more than you talk, and accept that the world is made up of all sorts of diverse individuals without thinking of differences as better or worse then you are right for the club.

The events are not sales opportunities – you cannot count the value of attending in terms of cash. The value is from the enrichment of your network by new, interesting, diverse and eclectic individuals.

Who can attend?

You can be a member if recommended by an existing member. You can attend an event if invited. The dinners are small and so the number of invites is small. The general events are much bigger (dinners are 24 people, general events up to 60).

It is rare that anyone manages to be excluded from the club, and the few that have were either missing the point (blatant selling of services rather than proper networking) or poached my clients!

Who manages it?

I do (Stuart Hillston) together with my PA, Claire Aikman. If you know me and want to know more, contact me. If you don’t know me, send me a message through Twitter or LinkedIn – I am easy to find.

More About The Dinners

Inspired by the graphic novels of Alan Moore, The League of Extraordinary Business People aims to bring together an eclectic group of most excellent business people, each with a story to tell, an inquisitive mind and a collaborative nature. This is not about pitching. It’s about building lasting connections in life as well as business.

Attendance is invite only, no guests, no substitutes, no proxies. To make this work I hand pick the attendees. And place you next to someone interesting! Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis, there is a waitlist and I’m afraid I cannot issue refunds any later than 7 days notice as by then I will have committed to the restaurant.

I charge for tickets to cover the costs of your arrival drink, 3 course meal, wine (or soft drinks), water and coffee in a private function room at the fabulous Don Restaurant in the City of London.

Most Frequent Questions about the Dinners

  1. How many? – typically around 24 people
  2. Who? – interesting people who know me, I don’t publish an attendee list
  3. Why? – To foster personal connections and a deeper network
  4. What value will I get? – The real question is what value will you bring?
  5. When – 5-6 times per year
  6. Where – The DON Restaurant in the City of London – in a private room
  7. Food, drink? – three course meal and wine/soft drinks included
  8. Menu – once you register & pay I will send you choices for each course
  9. Attire – whatever you feel comfortable wearing, so long as it doesn’t make everyone else uncomfortable!
  10. Cancellations – up to 7 days prior (at the minimum)
  11. Not sure? Let me know now and then check in closer to the date

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